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Pilot Training

Air Alliance Flight Centre Germany

Pilot Aptitude Test

Flight schools in Europe have a screening test.

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Online Application Form for Pilot Selection


Flight schools in Europe have a screening test which ensures that a high standard is maintained. The screening procedure is intended to save you from bad investment and personal disappointment. The failure rate during training is therefore low and the training can be planned reliably. A solid foundation for a high level training can be laid through a screening test

Wings Aviation Alliance (WAA) is a well-established aviation consultancy in India. The main objective of aviation training is to impart a high degree of lasting knowledge and to optimize the preparations for future activities in in an airline. We have a network for student pilots focused on training concepts. This network not only provides superior qualification, but also targets the time afterwards: professional – integration.

• The view from up above is stunning
• Flying with pilot uniform makes you smarter
• You get a chance to join an elite group
• Every day is exciting
• You'll gain a new respect for the world around you – and the flying machine
• Pilots are the boss of the aircraft
• Highly Paid Profession 

• Quality of training is effective
• Highly professional Instructor
• Training is delivered through various media, lectures, and latest flight simulation
• Less traffic in the sky, hence right place for training
• Training prepares graduates to fly with regional and international airlines within Continental Europe, Africa the Middle and Far East 

• Must be at least 17 Years of Age
• Higher secondary school leaving certificate or equivalent.
• Proof of language proficiency (e.g. TOEFL / IELTS)
i.e., Speak, Read, Write & Understand English
• Passed the Aptitude test conducted by us
• JAR FCL medical class 1
• Certificate of good conduct (report from the police) 


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