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Pilot Aptitude Test
Pilot Aptitude Test is conducted to screen the eligible students  in order to maintain the high standard.   
* Higher secondary school leaving certificate or equivalent
* Age not less than 17 years
* Proof of language proficiency (TOEFL / IELTS)
* Certificate of Good Conduct (Report from the police)
* Passed in Pilot Aptitude Test conducted by us
* JAR FCL medical class 1

Bank Finance
All Commercial banks in India offer educational loans for Pilot Training Course against security. For more information and guidance send a mail to contact@wingsaviationalliance.com

Courses begin in
July and December at Germany

PPL, CPL & Instrument Rating:
The Private Pilot Licence (PPL) entitles you to fly single or twin-engine aircraft for non-commercial purposes. Only private or businesses travel in visual meteorological conditions is permissible with this licence and you may not transport other persons in your aircraft for a charge. The Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) entitles you to fly commercial flights within an approved airline company, in most cases in combination with instrument rating
The Instrument Rating (IR) entitles you to fly in bad weather conditions using the installed instruments and under radar control. This means that you can plan your flights to a large extent irrespective of the current weather conditions. (CPL in Europe is slightly different; in Europe, flight schools do instrument rating and multi engine combined with commercial training.)

The Airline Transport Pilot Licence
The Airline Transport Pilot Licence or ATPL is the highest level of pilot training. With this licence you can work as a passenger airplane pilot for an airline company.
In Europe (JAA) flight students do ATPL theory and get "Frozen ATPL". The ATPL theory exam consists of 14 topics. A frozen ATPL means you have done all the theory but you don't have the required flight experience to get a full ATPL.
To be a JAA recognized Airline Pilot means you have more privilege than others, with a wider choice of job opportunities. With your JAA licence you can apply for pilot jobs at most airlines without any conversion exam.